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Exercises for your fertility journey

If you've been trying to conceive for some time, we understand the slow but constant pressure on your body is relentless, as is the fear to 'do the wrong thing' to hinder your chances of success. With a deep understanding of each step in the fertility process, we've created a platform to help guide you through Physio led, PIlates-based grounding and centring movement practices.

Each individual monthly subscription is specific to the process you are in:

  • Egg retrieval cycle

  • Embryo transfer cycle

  • General fertility fitness (coming soon)

Pink Salt


These movement practices will gently slow down as your progress through this phase. This is the time to stay as connected to your body as possible, the unknown of the next few weeks can be unsettling so this month is about strong and simple mindful movements + meditations to settle your nervous system.


Transfer month

As you approach your transfer, feelings of hope, anticipation and uncertainty are high. This series will help you maintain some sense of control in your body mixing strength and power with stillness and softness. 



Fitness and fertility 

Here we will build connection to your body with an option for more intense activity. Ideal for you if you're naturally trying or beginning fertility treatments such as IUIs. You'll have access to 8 movement videos to follow along at home optimising movement through the follicular and luteal phases of your cycle. (Coming soon)

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