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My Story

I launched in.form fertility on my 36th birthday. An age I grew up expecting to have already had at least a couple of kids. But that was never to be my story. We've been trying to conceive for nearly three years, after several egg retrievals and several failed transfers, our journey continues. The past three years has been a mixture of wildly conflicting emotions, but I have always found movement and exercise to be my grounding source. Through this IVF process, the need to connect back into my body which often felt so out of my control has been paramount.

I sought a guided practice appropriate for my body during each phase of my fertility treatments, with no options, I was left to take pre and post natal classes - I don't think I need to explain why this was less than comforting. 

I have created these movement practices with my own experience through each specific month of the fertility treatment journey in mind. I am a physiotherapist and not a fitness instructor, but with my physio experience and Pilates teacher training, I offer these videos to you to help you re-connect and find some grounding moments during this turbulent time of uncertainty and hope. 

And for you to know, you are not alone.


Soft reflections and strong connection, it's my honour to walk with you.

Personal update: We very unexpectedly naturally conceived in the month between our second and third transfers. I share this news with you as honesty was my chosen path during our struggles. Reading positive stories also kept my head strong, knowing one day I will also be able to share happy news with all our loved ones, as one day you will too.

Our whole three year journey has led us to this one precious being and we are so grateful.

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