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My Story

I moved to Vancouver after completing my Physiotherapy degree in my home town Perth, Western Australia. I have over 12 years experience working in private practice, helping clients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries and neurological disorders. While the majority of my work has been in a multidisciplinary team helping clients with concussions, my hope is to be able to increase my reach to those living in the community. I am a certified Mat Pilates instructor - a practice I usually integrate into all sessions with clients.

My practice has now moved to a beautiful studio I share with the Stretch Space. A space to help clients reconnect with their own foundations to help recover from injury and the course of life by helping you strengthen from the inside out. 

Through our lives we travel through different health and life journeys, some paths are so rough we're left disconnected with ourselves and our bodies. At in.form, I wanted to create a space for a soft landing, where you feel able to open your heart to yourself, connect back in and redefine your sense of being. Through mindful movement, therapeutic touch and meditation, you'll be able to reconnect, feel grounded, confident and free.

If I'm not travelling, in my spare time you can find me on my bike, at kickboxing, pilates and yoga classes and sipping on good coffee.

Image by Amy Humphries

My Approach

My practice combines my love of connecting with people and helping clients find a more functional life. I utilise manual therapies with many take home tools to help guide you through your own recovery.

I believe in treating the whole-body, using one-on-one treatment, mindfulness exercise and acupuncture as powerful adjuncts to my hands-on approach to injuries. All treatments are covered by your extended medical benefits.

I am a certified Mat Pilates Teacher which I am so excited to be able to offer as a stand alone service as well as integrate into each of my treatment sessions. I have completed the PINC and STEEL cancer rehabilitation course to help those who have been given a cancer diagnosis - my passion is to show everyone the warrior inside each of us.

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