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Each physiotherapy session is 1:1 combining manual therapy and exercise to help improve your functioning safely and effectively. Every session is covered by your extended benefits - we offer direct billing for your convenience. 

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Injury management

Whether you're needing help recovering from a sports injury or other mishap or your WFH set-up isn't ideal and you're experiencing headaches and neck pain. A full assessment and thorough treatment plan will get you moving in the right direction. Treatments might include manual therapy, acupuncture, soft tissue release and it will definitely include learning about your body and take home tools.

Cancer rehabilitation

We are here to support your physical wellbeing through your cancer diagnosis, treatments and beyond. It is well researched that individualized exercise programs and physiotherapy treatments completed through all the stages of a cancer journey can help with fatigue and pain management, increase function, independence and help you find ways to manage all symptoms of treatment. As a certified PINC and STEEL physiotherapist, we incorporate a combination of manual therapy, pilates, strength training and breathwork to help you through this health journey, rebuilding your confidence and helping you return to independence. All services can be directly billed through extended benefits and LTD.

Fertility treatment support

The stress, emotional and physical demands during fertility treatments are often under-estimated. We know through personal experience the importance for grounding exercises and nourishing thoughts during the unpredictable journey. Allow us to guide you through a movement practice to strengthen your inner self through pilates based exercises, therapeutic touch and mindful movements. Each exercise will be picked based on where you are in your specific journey. Group based classes coming soon!

Concussion care

Concussion symptoms are overwhelming and all encompassing. From ongoing headaches, dizziness, fatigue, cognitive delays, to limitations in your general function and exercise as well as challenges with emotional dis-regulation, my 10+ years of extensive experience treating clients with concussions may help guide you through this challenging time. We can discuss return to work and play, and we may call upon my network of other health care providers to help you along as well. 

ICBC claims

The new ICBC rules entitle you to 25 physiotherapy treatment sessions and if your accident was within the last 3 months you don't even need a Doctor's referral! We direct bill ICBC so you won't be paying anything out of pocket, enabling you to recover faster. Whiplash, shoulder and hip injuries are the most common following a car accident. Low impact foundational exercises are ideal to help re-build your strength - with 1:1 treatment each session, you'll have more than enough therapy time to help with your recovery.

Mat pilates 1:1

Pilates brings focus back to the foundations of your body - your breath and mindful movements. My 'The Method' Pilates certification enables me to teach individuals and small group mat and standing Pilates. Many physio sessions will include the foundations of pilates and its philosophy of beautiful functional alignment with movement control is integral for most injury rehabilitation programs. Any 1:1 pilates session will be covered by your extended medical benefits.

Exercise training

Finding an exercise routine can be challenging. If you have a set goal in mind (Grouse grind, 5k. Fondo, triathlon - will there ever be another race again?), or just feel like you need some help getting into gear with setting up an exercise program, we can tailor something with only you in mind. Preventative rehabilitation - prehab is the smart way to attain your goals. Use your extended medical benefits to build a stronger and better you.

Pre and post natal

A woman's body is bloody amazing and growing a human sure pushes your body to the limits. If you have pain or want to get ahead of the game, our 1:1 sessions will ensure your body (and mind) is set for this life-changing experience. The studio exudes peace and serenity, allowing you to take some time to work on you.

Seniors wellness

Vancouver is the epicenter for an active lifestyle. The 'mature' body may require a little more attention to enable you to continue doing all these awesome physical active activities. We welcome all ages to book in to help build strength from the inside out, with low-impact exercises and the occasional 'tune-up' you'll be ready to do whatever makes your heart sing. 

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