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Pricing guide

Each cycle month is an individual subscription so you only pay for where you are at in your journey. You'll have access for 30 days with each subscription, 6-8 on demand classes available to you.

Month to month - $40 per cycle - less than $6 per class on average.

Consultation (subscription included) - $120 - you can choose to have a 15 minute virtual consultation with me - a registered physiotherapist to discuss your specific needs, discuss individual adaptions, which can be billed to your extended benefits  (if you're  based in Canada). This comes with 2 months subscription.

One on one sessions - $120 - in person or virtual sessions with a registered physiotherapist and Pilates instructor to refine and individualize your movement practice. If you have an injury or are new to pilates, this option might be best for you. Sessions can be billed through your extended benefits. (coming soon)

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pricing guide

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